Welcome to Deril Academy

Deril Academy is a leading metropolitan  school with a student body of over 700. Students of Deril Academy are groomed to become respectable individuals capable of building stable future with accountability as their watchword. Their training and inclusion in the larger society will help re-shape our country Nigeria and the international world  as they impact positively wherever they found themselves. With different academic programmes distributed across many departments and one school admission into Deril Academy is keenly competed for every year with only students with high scores in the school’s entrance examination, offered the opportunity to join the team.

Preparatory School

We have an attracting environment which makes learning fun for Kids.

Primary School

We have well experienced teachers that make learning easy for your kids.

Secondary School

We have well equipped facility to suit your child’s needs.

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How to Apply
  • You can apply online or visit us in the school.
  • Check contact us for more information.
Admission Criteria

Please read Admission Prospectus here.

Parent's Meeting

We organize meetings with parents to inform them on necessary things they need to know about their wards.


We believe children should also have fun and so we organize excursions to different places round the world.