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We listen to your marketing and business needs with curiosity and a journalistic eye to ideate and create new, custom out-of -the box solutions that exceed your company’s unique goals.

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Our industry-leading thought leadership strategists, branded content, product, and customer success experts work with your team to create innovative go-to-market opportunities.

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Leverage our reach and influence leading technology business decision makers who are ready to transact.

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VB Lab creates custom opportunities which spotlight partner expertise and fulfill KPIs in the most creative, disruptive ways.



The 2021 gaming landscape: What developers, publishers, and marketers need to know

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The API revolution that’s securing the future of virtual health care


2020 CX predictions: Strategies that double revenue and exceed customer expectations


BioTech: Accelerating innovation in health care



Using machine learning to tackle the world’s biggest problems

Microsoft Azure

Remove your ETL bottleneck and let analytics flow

Microsoft Azure

The citizen data scientist’s time has arrived

Beyond Limits

Beyond Conventional AI: More Intelligent, More Explainable AI

“From sponsored articles and webinars to a virtual gaming summit, our paid partnership with VentureBeat Lab yielded strong results and helped us to achieve key business goals. Thanks to VB Lab’s highly collaborative style and (VentureBeat’s) impressive reach, Facebook was able to connect with members of the gaming community in new and exciting ways—even in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.” 



Showcase your expertise and create the most impact, with the most relevant audience.

  • Generate qualified leads for your sales team
  • Lead thought-provoking conversations and showcase your expertise
  • Create resonant experiences

Strategic Consulting

VB Lab works with your team to identify innovative opportunities. As your partner, we apply our comprehensive understanding of tech audiences and the best ways for you to interact with business decision makers across channels. It’s in our DNA to build authentic marketing strategies through the lens of a journalistic eye.


VB Lab introduced a Thought Leadership Platform for B2B marketers in transformative technology designed to help brands lead thought-provoking conversations and create an authentic experience that will resonate with their core audiences. Utilize VentureBeat’s expertise in tech journalism by gaining an understanding of what type of content to use and when. We develop the strategy, create, produce, and distribute custom forms of content across our platforms, that’s meaningful and impactful.

Innovative Product Development

Brands are constantly craving new innovative solutions to engage with their audience. VB Lab creates custom opportunities for partners to spotlight their expertise and fulfill KPIs in the most creative, disruptive ways.

Research and Insights

Utilize our research and insights team to develop comprehensive reports, surveys, infographics, case studies, use cases and compelling data to showcase your expertise to VentureBeat’s core audience of business decision-makers.

Digital Marketing

VB Lab produces videos, creates custom native ads and works with your team to design interactive digital marketing experiences that align with your brand.

VB Lab designs thoughtful go-to-market strategies that distributes your content across our Thought Leadership Platform including:

  • Custom virtual events
  • Thought leadership content insight series
  • Event Speaking Opportunities
  • Interactive Branded Storytelling
  • Live Podcasts
  • Event Video Series Production
  • Surveys, Research, and Insight Partnerships


VentureBeat is obsessed with covering transformative technology, and has built the most influential community of leading technology business decision-makers. With VB Lab, every message is created with the audience first in mind.

VentureBeat covers disruptive technology and explains why it matters in our lives. We’re the leading publication for news and perspective on the most innovative technologies, and we also bring the community together several times per year through executive-level conferences.

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